Raising ZuperHeroes

The Raising ZuperHeroes project was launched in 2016, as a result of the partnerships between Carrefour Romania, the ZeroCO2 Organization and the School Inspectorate of Bucharest, and was entitled Carrefour raises ZuperHeroes.

In this day and age when most children have almost no contact with nature and are more preoccupied with the entertainment provided by various gadgets, Carrefour Romania decided to grant more importance to investing resources in environmental education. This generation of children will become future leaders, thus they need to be well prepared for the challenges they will face. It is our duty to prepare them to handle such challenges and show them how they can be of use in protecting the environment they will inherit.

That being said, through the Carrefour raises ZuperHeroes project, the volunteers from the ZeroCO2 Organization went in 12 schools and kindergartens and, in front of an audience composed mainly of children and students, presented the importance of the environmental protection in the context of climate changes. Presentations were held on the following main subjects: the concept of climate changes, their origin, what negative effects do they have and what can each of us do in order to limit or eliminate the extent of these effects. Furthermore, the presentations that were addressed to high school students also underlined the opportunity of developing a career in the environmental protection field: university recommendations, examples of specializations, fields, and also pieces of advice and encouragements. The various points in the presentations were emphasized through interactive movies and also by debating freely with the students and teachers. Overall, an estimated number of 600 children and students have attended the presentations, representing the 12 institutions of education that participated in this project.

This project represents the first educational project in which our Foundation is involved and I must add that it is a very pleasant feeling. That’s why once we were approached by Carrefour Romania we were very excited to participate. We were overwhelmed with the positive energy of the children each time we entered a classroom to give our presentations. Most of the times we debated freely the subjects of the presentations, but also talked about other topics related to environmental protection, with the students showing a great deal of enthusiasm each time. We were very pleasantly surprised by the knowledge level possessed by the children from the 1—4 grades on subjects such as environmental protection and greenhouse gases. We listened to them very carefully and encouraged them to ask questions and give their honest opinions. I believe that, given the current context of climate changes, it is important that more similar projects and campaigns should be developed, in order to improve the current level of education and awareness regarding the challenges we face. We would like to thank Carrefour Romania and the ISMB for the opportunity to get involved in this project, through which we have managed to take a step forward in educating the public and providing a cleaner and better environment for the future generations (Roxana Constantin, Executive Director, ZeroCo2 Organization).”

Educating and informing citizens about the impact of climate changes and the methods of limiting their negative effects is one of the main objectives of the ZeroCO2 Organization. Through this sustainable partnership with Carrefour Romania and the ISMB, we have succeeded to achieve this goal in 2016.

The ZeroCO2 Foundation would like to thank Carrefour Romania and ISMB for this nice initiative. Setting aside the main objective of the project, environmental protection, Carrefour raises ZuperHeroes represents an example of good practices and a model to be emulated. This CSR project addresses both social and environmental issues.

Why is ecological education important?

Currently, Corporate Social Responsibility and the importance of sustainability are amongst the most debated subjects. Ecological education represents of the most important and reliable instruments in adopting sustainability.

According to the Sustainability Committee of the University Of California “sustainability can be defined as the development that ensures our present needs that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

A prerequisite for implementing sustainability understands the concept and the methods through which we can develop it.

In order to be able to develop our society in a sustainable manner, we need education in this respect, and ecological education is one of the examples. Through ecological education, we can help young people to understand better the connection between people’s needs and the resources that nature offers us, as well as the link between our actions and the welfare of the environment.

Through eco-education we learn to make connections and have an overview of how what we do today has an impact on the environment we live in. Moreover, children will understand, from the earliest age, how they can contribute to environmental protection and will have the necessary knowledge that they will pass on even to adults. Our future lies in the hands of our children and it is our duty to make sure they are ready to face this future.

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