Located in the Titan Park, at the entrance from the Liviu Rebreanu Street, the Carrefour Oxygen Corner comprises 50 Oxytrees.

Carrefour Romania follows in 2016 the tradition started one year earlier, working alongside the ZeroCO2 Organization in the creation of another oxygen corner, this time in the Titan Park. This action was possible with the support of the 3rd District City Hall, which provided us with an adequate space to plant inside the park.

The activity is part of an extensive CSR program developed by Carrefour Romania in partnership with the ZeroCO2 Organization and ISMB. The first stage of the project consisted of open lessons, conducted in various schools and kindergartens in Bucharest, which were focused on the topic of environmental protection in the context of climate changes.

Although the temperature was high and the sunlight was very strong, this did not stop us from planting, on the 1st of July, 50 Oxytrees in the Titan Park.