EY Romania – an environmental responsible company

This year, EY Romania has joined the missions launched by our Organization: Calculate the carbon footprint!

EY is a global leader in the field of audit and fiscal services, providing assistance for transactions and businesses.  In Romania, the company has over 700 employees and offices in the following cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara and Iași. EY is one of the founding members of the United Nation Compact Global (UNCG) Romania Network and publishes every year the UN Compact Global Report, which highlights its adherence to 10 solid principles.  EY’s engagement towards the community is also showcased through CSR programs, such as ”How We Change Romania”. The program contributes to the forging of the relationship between the business and civic sector, while also promoting the core tenets of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In regards to environmental protection, EY Romania is committed to the implementation of the adequate measures for the reduction of emissions. Thus, since 2015, the company has started to calculate and report its greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the environmental protection section of the UN Compact Global Report. Calculating the carbon footprint represents the first phase in the process of reducing these emissions while being also important in the prospect of implementing a carbon management plan. As a result of this calculation, the sectors with the highest consumption of resources and energy will be underlined and subsequently, the neccesary measures can be implemented.


 Consequently, for the year 2016, the calculation of the carbon footprint indicated a reduction of 92 t Co2e from the previous year.

The calculation of the carbon footprint was undertaken for the operational activities of EY Romania, using data pertaining to the consumption of energy, gas, fuel used by vehicles owned by the company, flights, accommodations, the quantity of paper used and the quantity of waste generated.

The Co2 emissions that are associated with the activities included in the Scope 3 represent 50% of the overall figure, energy consumption accounts for 33% of the total emissions, while the direct emissions that fall under Scope 1 (fuel consumption of the vehicles) make up for 17 %.

By calculating and reporting the carbon footprint, EY Romania proves its commitment towards environmental protection and the support for a green and sustainable economy inside the community in which it operates.