– Promoting the energy security and sustainability of the country –

CSG Standard offers to local producers the possibility to develop and sustain the production of green energy in Romania by issuing and selling carbon certificates on the voluntary market.

It does not matter if you have a wind power turbine, or solar panels, or any other renewable resources, we can do it for you!
Here you can read about our new project with great potential and positive impact on the region where it is implemented.

Topolog Wind Power Plant is the first project in Romania developed on the voluntary market.

The Project Activity will supply clean energy through utilizing renewable energy resources. The implementation of the Project Activity will contribute to improving the environment while developing the local economy.

Topolog Wind Power Project is located in Romania and it is developed by E.K.W. ENERGY. S.R.L  and the purpose of the project are to generate electricity through using wind resources and fed it into the Romanian National Grid.

Given the fact that the voluntary market of carbon certifications is at its beginnings in Romania, this project helps to constitute and to sustain them. Also, the project highlights the benefits of the project developers, the economic factors, the population and the environment.

Topolog Wind Power Project is a project that promotes sustainability and energy security of the country and also motivates the producers of green energy. The wind power plant has an installed power of 6 MW and generates annually an average number of 594 carbon certificates. Considering the fact that the project will be developed for a period of 10 years, it is estimated that it will produce a total number of 6000 carbon certificates.
At least 70 percent of the revenue from credits will support activities such as: raise awareness of climate change through promoting wind turbine and renewable resources, support communities and energy efficiency programs or reforestation of areas affected by climate change in Romania.
Location and technical description
The Project Activity takes place in Fagarasul Nou Village, Topolog District, Tulcea County. The crediting period for this Project Activity starts in 2011. The wind power plant capacity is 600kW and the net annual electricity delivered to REG is approximately 930 Mwah/y. The wind turbine has a 61.5 m height from the ground.

Project achievements

The Topolog Wind Power Project will contribute to sustainable development in the following ways:

  • Reduce the exploitation of fossil fuels by supplying renewable energy to improve the existing energy consumption model which relies on fossil fuels; also, it will improve energy security;
  • Promote local economic development by creating local employment opportunities;
  • It contributes to reaching the Romanian target for energy production from renewable sources;
  • Reduce the emissions of pollutants associated with the operation of fossil fuel thermal power plants, including SO2, NOx and dust in the baseline/business-as-usual scenario, thus improving the local environment.

With the development of the Project Activity, there will be a real and measurable contribution to the sustainable development of Romania in the following aspects: 

  • The Project Activity is in compliance with all national and local environmental initiatives: the project activity supports the objectives of Local Agenda 21 – sustainable development plan of Tulcea County. (Plan’s object: gaining new investments for the exploring of the renewable energy sources);
  • Having an operative, affordable, reliable and financially stable national energy production matrix is essential for the economic development in any country. Based on a reliable national energy generation matrix, stable supply, and affordable energy prices, companies can feel more confident and secure with regards to their investments, especially in the production or energy-intensive sectors.

Regarding environment protection, Topolog Wind Power Project produces energy from renewable resources, therefore the impact on the environment is reduced:

  • Regarding the climate change, compared with other low carbon power sources, wind turbines have some of the lowest global warming potentials per unit of electrical energy generated. Also, wind turbines do not produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, radioactive waste, or any other type of air pollution; There are no GHG emissions associated with operating wind turbines;
  • Wind powered power generation units not only use renewable energy sources, but they are also characterized by an almost complete lack of negative environmental consequences, especially if compared to traditional fossil fuel power plants.

More about CSG Standard here: http://csgstandard.com/en/

Documents of the Project: