The ZeroCO2 Organization was founded in 2014.

We believe that we cannot neglect our obligation of taking care of the environment since only through its protection and preservation we can ensure a sustainable future. From our perspective, a sustainable future implies having all the necessary resources for improving our lives but having also those needed to be comfortable in the environment that we desire. The ZeroCO2 Organization was established in this context.
Reducing emissions of CO2 by joining national programs that were designed to control the environmental problems caused by climate changes. The goal of such national programs is to promote and educate the civil society on the benefits that can be gained from financing with carbon certificates.
  • Supporting and implementing green projects; renewable energy, ecological agriculture, recycling, energy efficiency.
  • Supporting green projects through carbon footprint offset.
  • Implementing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs for Romanian companies in order to increase the awareness level in regards to environmental protection.
  • Educating and informing citizens on the effects of climate changes and the importance of developing green projects to confine them.
  • Proposals for environmental regulations: amending the Forest Code in order to include rewarding through carbon certificates, labeling the carbon footprint of packages for various products in stores.
  • Awareness campaigns focused on reducing consumption patterns, recycling and adhering to a sustainable lifestyle (for example: transforming different events in carbon-neutral or eco-friendly events).